Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dr. Hans E. Mülder talks about Roger, the New Wireless Standard

Dr. Hans E. Mülder, Director Marketing and Senior Audiologist at Phonak Communications, has recently spoken to Carolyn Smaka from AudiologyOnline.com about the introduction of our new New Wireless Standard Roger. 

Read as he recaps the history of Phonak in FM innovation with Microlink, multifrequency receiver and the more recent Dynamic FM solutions before introducing Roger. 

Roger is a solution that replaces the frequency management of FM by automatic digital networks between Roger wireless microphones and Roger receivers without using fitting software. This allows for the creation of a network that enables students and teachers to remain connected without having to re-fitting their hearing devices or microphones. 

Carolyn Smaka: Hans Mülder, glad to have you join me today. Phonak has a long history of FM innovation and I’m excited to talk about the latest wireless solution. 

Hans Mülder: Thank you. Yes, it was in 1996 that we came out with MicroLink (ML), and it was the first miniaturized, ear-level FM receiver that would couple to different Phonak hearing aids. Then in 2000, we came out with the MLx, and that was the first universal ear-level receiver, which was pretty cool, because we made a decision that we didn’t want our FM systems to just be for Phonak products. We wanted them to be compatible with all the other manufacturers’ hearing aids as well as all the different cochlear implant manufacturers... 

Read the full interview here: www.AudiologyOnline.com