Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interview with Bill Dickinson, AuD, Vice President of Audiology, Phonak US

Bill Dickinson, AuD, Vice President of Audiology, Phonak US has recently spoken to Carolyn Smaka from AudiologyOnline on Phonak’s Commitment to Evidence-Based Research. 

Carolyn Smaka: Bill, thanks for speaking with me today. You recently left Vanderbilt to become the Vice President of Audiology at Phonak – how has it been going so far? 

Bill Dickinson: It’s been a great transition. There is a strong sense of camaraderie here – everyone is on the same team, supporting one another, and trying to produce better outcomes. I am impressed at the depth and breadth of the commitment in bettering the lives of the hearing impaired through technology and innovation. It was immediately apparent to me that Phonak has very high corporate values and employees who live by them daily. They take it very seriously and it results in a rather amazing company culture.

Carolyn: Tell me about your education and clinical experience before Vanderbilt. 

Bill: I earned my bachelor’s and master's degrees at Michigan State University. After working for a few years I went back to Central Michigan to finish my AuD. My first job out of the gate was with the VA system. I worked with a talented group of audiologists and we ran a great hearing aid program. From there I went to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, which was an excellent learning opportunity for me in terms of expanding clinical knowledge, as well as building valuable management and leadership skills. There I worked for Dr. Gary Jacobson for 10 years, until I later joined him in 2004 at Vanderbilt, where I directed the hearing technologies program, as well as served as a faculty member teaching AuD courses, directing student Capstone projects, and contributing to many professional committees. I've been incredibly blessed to be a part of great audiology programs with highly respected colleagues. Working and learning in such professional environments has allowed me to move into new challenges and stimulating opportunities throughout my career... 

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