Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prenatal smoke exposure might cause damage to child hearing

In the Past, doctors have linked low birth weight, asthma and sudden infant death syndrome to both maternal smoking and exposure of the mother to secondhand smoke while pregnant. 
A new study shows that hearing loss is now also a concern when it comes to smoking and prenatal health. 

Parents were asked about prenatal smoke exposure usually lie about cigarette use during pregnancy because of the stigma attached to the habit and its injurious effects on the fetus. The study provides more reason to eliminate usage across our population and to continue research in the area to understand the mechanism of damage to the auditory system. The findings “should be part of all our efforts to get people not to smoke, and especially not to smoke when they’re pregnant,” said Dr.Michael Weitzman, a child health researcher from the New York University School of Medicine, who led the study. 

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