Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Phonak Tinnitus Program: Be the expert

Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio, in-depth training and counseling support allow even more audiologists to expand their business 

The new Phonak Tinnitus Program offers audiologists everything they need to develop their business with tinnitus clients. It contains all the technology and tools required to treat hearing loss and tinnitus simultaneously and effectively – all while giving audiologists the freedom to follow their preferred tinnitus management philosophy. A comprehensive package of support and counseling material allows them to either fine-tune their expertise or add tinnitus management to their skills. In addition, the lead generation component of the program supports audiologist in generating new tinnitus clients. 

Phonak AudĂ©o Q: state-of-the-art hearing aid 
technology bundled with a 
Tinnitus Balance noise generator
It is a known fact that tinnitus is a growing problem in today’s society. What most people do not know: four out of five tinnitus clients also experience hearing loss[1]. For many of these patients, amplification is proven[2] to bring instant relief. 

This is where Phonak comes in with its new Tinnitus Program: “Leveraging on their hearing care experience, expanding their tinnitus expertise offers huge business development potential to audiologists”, says Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing for Phonak. “To make tinnitus management more accessible for non-experts, we have now added a complete package of support and counseling material to our Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio that we successfully launched one year ago”. 

Outstanding products combined with a flexible tinnitus portfolio 

The flexible Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio contains all the technology and tools required to treat hearing loss and tinnitus simultaneously and effectively. It enables audiologists to create individualized treatment plans for every patient, irrespective of their preferred tinnitus management philosophy. 

At the core of the portfolio are the Phonak tinnitus-optimized hearing aids which contain a unique broadband noise generator. In addition, the Tinnitus Balance App allows patients to build their own personalized library of music and sounds. A complete package of support and counseling materials, accompanied by in-depth tinnitus training, assists audiologists in confidently educating and treating their patients. “These tools, along with experienced counseling, can be very effective in treating tinnitus”, explains Ann L. Rhoten, AuD, owner of Kentucky Audiology and Tinnitus Services and member of the American Tinnitus Association and the Tinnitus Practitioner’s Association. 

Proven benefits of hearing aids in tinnitus management 

Several surveys have proven the benefits of hearing aids in the treatment of tinnitus. In a recent US survey[3]
of hearing care professionals, 60% of patients were reported to have gained tinnitus relief from using hearing aids. Another study of patients themselves found that 75% who wore hearing aids gained relief either frequently, most or all of the time.[4]

The training and lead generation program will initially be available in selected markets, including the US and Canada.

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