Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Join Phonak and munch your way to hearing health!

Phonak has teamed up with leading Swiss food manufacturers to create a delicious new treatment for hearing loss. This move follows a recent scientific study that proved why one indigenous tribe in Ivory Coast suffers from significantly less hearing loss than the general population. 

The reason? It is not, as researchers previously thought, genetic factors and the tribe's low exposure to loud noise. It is down instead to the group’s relatively high intake of untreated cocoa beans. As a result of these findings, Phonak immediately teamed up with three of Switzerland's leading chocolate makers to create "The Bite That Sounds Right". 

This healthy hearing snack is packed with high doses of cochleareanimoaminyc-4-AF acids, a natural component of cocoa beans that is very ear-friendly but typically lost in the standard chocolate manufacturing process. 

A new Phonak factory dedicated to producing the chocolate is already being built. However in the meantime Phonak is looking for more volunteers to participate in a worldwide follow-up study on the effectiveness of this new dietary approach. Sign-up for the trial by leaving a comment.