Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Phonak DECT cordless phone: 40%* better speech understanding

Hearing aid users chatting away with family and friends over a normal phone? Latest wireless technology from Phonak makes it happen.

Who doesn’t love to talk over the phone to his beloved ones? What is normal for most people can easily turn into a challenge – if you are a hearing aid user: The TV on at full volume or children playing in the background make it almost impossible for people with hearing loss to understand what is being said on the other end of the line. These times are over: The new Phonak DECT CP1 cordless phone, looking like a stylish standard phone, sends the speaker’s voice wirelessly to both hearing aids and reduces noise. The amazing result: speech understanding is increased by over 40%. 

The plug-and-play cordless phone is compatible with all wireless Phonak hearing aids and can be used just like a regular phone by all family members. "Talking to our dear ones over the phone is part of our quality of life, and we wanted to make sure that nobody needs to live without it,” explains Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing for Phonak. “We are proud to present the new DECT CP1 cordless phone that is a normal phone, but with one important difference: Because it connects automatically and wirelessly with Phonak hearing aids, it can improve speech understanding by over 40%.” 

Once the phone is moved towards the head, the hearing aids automatically switch to the phone program. The caller’s voice is transmitted simultaneously to both hearing aids while noise is being reduced. The result: hearing aid users can just pick up the phone and effortlessly chat away – whether at home or in in small offices (SOHO). The cordless phone even includes a booster mode for moments when users are not wearing their hearing aids. 

Bye-bye to missing out on the phone 
Looking like a standard phone, the DECT phone is easy-to-use and offers a broad range of unique features that make sure hearing aids users do not miss a single word that is being spoken. Highlights include: 

• Direct wireless link to both hearing instruments – range of up to 25cm ensures very easy positioning of the phone during the call 
• 1-click volume boost and carefully selected ringtones for ideal audibility 
• Standard phone features like answerphone, caller identification, phone book and direct dial button 
• Range of up to 300 meters to the base for maximum flexibility 

The Phonak DECT cordless phone is compatible with all wireless Phonak hearing aids right out of the box and can also be used by family members and colleagues without hearing loss. 

For more information on the Phone DECT CP1 cordless phone, please visit: www.phonak.com/dect